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OKLAHOMA: I want to say Thank You so much for the wonderful information on your website. I have not celebrated Christmas for many years, but was never able to adequately explain why. With the information you have provided I feel I can now express my reasons with a sure knowledge. Thank you again.

WWW: Hello........just wanted to commend you on your article on Christmas! We don't do Christmas here either! We have been married for 21 years and have NEVER done Christmas.........and never will.........keep up the good work! I read your article on the Perilous Times webpage!

MEXICO: Two comments: (1) Although some Baptists say that baptism is the DOOR to the local church, their own practice shows that it is instead a prerequisite condition for church membership. They do not baptize every new member who joins their church, but often accept members previously baptized by other churches! (2) To insist that baptism is the door to the church, without rebaptizing members who transfer, unwittingly implies that there is a "universal, visible Baptist church". Thanks for your well thought out articles.

WWW: Having looked at your web site I am disgusted at yout scissors & paste type of Biblical 'scholarship'. If you paid more attention to the finished work of Calvary & less to throwing mud at fellow believers; I believe you would find that you would find many more needy souls coming to find a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord & Saviour!! Unfortunately, non Christians read your web site diatribes & go away laughing. Dr.James Dobson may be mistaken in some of his friends, possibly mistaken in some of his doctrinal views, but I suspect when we gather around the throne of God in Heaven you & your friends will discover that the man you are trying to malign WILL recieve Our Master's: "Well done thou good and faithful servant!"

None of us can be perfect in this life. Even the greatest saint is ONLY a sinner saved by God's mercy & grace. Without the shed blood of Calvary we are ALL nothing! As an elder in a Penticostal (sic. Pentecostal) Assembly I also take strong exception to your views on the Arminian view of Salvation. Personally, I find Calvinism arrogant & full of spiritual pride. God DOES know the end from the beginning, however, we ALL do have free choice. To think otherwise is to condemn millions to a Christless eternity!. In view of the troubled world in which we are living, I would suggest you find a better use for your web site than to preach a twisted gospel of negativism. Perhaps you might EVEN consider telling sinners that Christ shed his precious blood to save their souls from hell?

MARYLAND: After having visited your site, you are in my prayers. I do not believe I have witnessed more self righteous garbage than your rambling diatribe. You truly miss the whole point of being a Christian.

TEXAS: I was tickled when I came across your web Site. I was looking for some books on Baptist History to complement the ones I already have. Since I knew of some that the Baptist Examiner had, I called up a search on that name and your site had a 58% or so probability that it mentioned such. I happened to get snagged with brickbats and bouquets and became intrigued with your discussion with "Joe" I think. I was not sure which side of this question you were on but got a surprise when you talked of a position that mirrored mine. Actually I was cajoled early to be such a chain linker but then I could not get past the two to three gathered together bit. It was obvious that they were baptized believers and not necessarily any one being needful to have been an ordained preacher to establish a church. This process was amened by the scripture in acts concerning the scattering of the persecuted church of Jerusalem into the world. It seemed to have everybody preaching the word and multiplying....again with no other hint but that these were baptized believers....true - baptized at Jerusalem the one church, but not necessarily ordained preacher led.

Now, the question I have now (Oh! Let me mention one other thing concerning that throughout history we were not all called "Baptist", though we could recognize them as such by some of our doctrines. So being Baptist in name is not an issue) is that if some of our baptized brethren leave out from us and combine with some believers who were not Baptists and they covenant to form the "nondenominational church of Jesus" or some such name, could they be truly considered Baptistic enough for us to receive them doctrinally as Baptists if they send out members who seek to church themselves with some of our Baptist churches (them not finding like denomination to join up to, and these not having been baptized in a "Baptist" church.). Can we associate with them as sister Churches- being a like question? I seem to recall that many of our Baptist brethren have actually started some of the charismatic denominations, and even some of the nondenominational assemblies, having been embarrassed by the Baptist name.

Outside of this, the only thing I might have contributed to scripture knowledge in my small life is the finding of the two endings, one of the sign gifts of the spirit and the other of the gifts of knowledge and prophecy in the Bible. Or in other words, why we can bald facedly tell a charismatic that he might be lying when he says he has a manifistation of any of the sign and testimony gifts today (outside of Love - being the only manifistation the world could ever observe to give us credibility that we are indeed the disciples of Christ today). This also ties down the date of Christ's Birth and his reserrection and the date of John the Baptist's death as a sort of by product of the research. All this found in the Bible without any special revelation of God to me. However, It ironically introduces a chance help of Ben Bogard that began my research from one of his out of context statements in a debate with some Church of Christ minister. If this is intriguing I might send you what amounts to a seventy page plea for help to check out my research so I don't wander into some sort of heresy. I figure you could possibly keep me doctrinally sound as much as a brother can if Christ be with him.

Thanks for the articles

WWW: Hi Mr Camp There is a very interesting article that came out in a Roman Catholic newspaper that discusses PKs in detail from a Roman Catholic point of view. In this article it quotes Coach McCartney as stating that he always wanted the RC to be involved with the PKs - - since the beginning. The article points out that somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of the audience at the rallies are RC. The article states that the top echelon of the PK went to the Franciscan University on numerous occasions to conduct PK type business. In fact, the article states that the RC leadership there did not like the PK Statement of Faith so PK allowed the RC theologians there to modify the Statement so that the RCs could be included in future PK activities. The article stated that one of their more prominent RCs had been selected as a member of the Board of Directors for the PK. This same gentleman, Mike Timmis, got up in front of the crowd at the Stand at The Gap rally in DC in October several years ago and prayed. In his prayer for all he stated that Roman Catholics, the Orthodox Chruch and Protestants of all persuasions were brothers and sisters in Christ. The article also indicated that a Jim Berluchi, a Roman Catholic Evangelist, gave presentations at selected PK rallies. The article also stated that Coach McCartney stated he was a born again Catholic. In a separate article, there was an interview with Stephen Chavis of PK and he indicated that Coach Mc had made this same statement while on Larry King Live.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: I have reported before that Coach Bill McCartney, though he had become a member of the Vineyard movement, had never renounced his Roman Catholicism. The article to which this letter refers, shows that McCartney is still aligned with the RC church.)

 MISSOURI: You don’t know me but I have been on your mailing list for the GP&P for some time and just thought I would write a few lines to say how much I enjoy getting the paper. I save all copies as I feel some day we may not be able to receive such papers as they will be classified as hate mail by our government. Just wanted to say thanks for what you are doing.

FLORIDA: Just a note to let you know, the Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Brandon, FL, is always in prayer for you and the church there. May God continue to bless your work with the paper. Enclosed is a check for continuance of getting the gospel out to a dying world.

I know you are under fire from a lot of people, but our Lord said it would happen. As your Brother in Christ I pray you will be truly blessed for your effort.

NORTH CAROLINA: If all you’ve got to write about is baptism & "Baptist church," please count me OUT! REMOVE FROM MAILING LIST!

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