Bouquets and Brickbats

MISSISSIPPI: We have been receiving the GP&P now for several months and consider it a blessing. It is always great to find those sound in the faith. The articles on PKs have been enlightening to us as we have family members in this movement.

Enclosed is a gift to be used wherever needed. Our prayers are with you.

ILLINOIS: I want to compliment you on your exposť of the PKs. It is thorough, factual, and enlightening. I know some will find fault with your findings, but that should only serve to encourage you. Remember the old saying, "There are no sticks thrown at the apple tree if there is no fruit on it." The enclosed article indicates some are wising up and your articles should wake others also. God bless you and your work.

KANSAS: I certainly appreciate your paper. The articles on Promise Keepers have truly been informative and timely.

KENTUCKY: I appreciate your paper and look forward to its arrival each month. The articles on Promise Keepers are especially appreciated.

MINNESOTA: Got your latest issue and really appreciated your stand.

MISSISSIPPI: I received the February issue of the paper and really do thank God for your stand against error and for truth.

KANSAS: Brother, I so appreciate your stand against this man-made organization. I truly believe that PK may well accomplish what, thus far, the Catholics and Charismatics have failed to do, that being unite all of the factions of apostate Christianity into the one-world church of the anti-christ. They are a dangerous and deceitful bunch. Every contact our church has had with them has been an unpleasant experience. From the outset we have stood firmly against the ecumenism of the group, but I did not realize until I studied it out for myself just how heretical they really are.

Thank you again my brother.

OREGON: We are writing at this time to send an offering to help in the printing of your paper.

It is certainly refreshing to find that there are still the "real God" worshipping, Bible believing, Doctrinally sound Baptists out there. And to know that such Brethren publish that which is not popular to this world, the Truth, is truly something to give thanks to God for.

We pray you dear Brethren that you will have the steadfastness to continue in the Truth, and to publish it widely.

OKLAHOMA: A friend of mine recently sent a short article from the Memphis newspaper dated November 14, 1996, regarding doctrinal errors in the Promise Keepers movement. I would be most interested in seeing the documentation of the charges you make concerning same.

TEXAS: What a delight to find your page. Just finished reading the latest edition of GP&P. Keep up the good work. We have far too few who even recognize the dangers, not to mention being willing to speak out against them. Our prayers are with you and for your continued success.

NEW MEXICO: I think you have done a good job on the newspaper and I have enjoyed your articles on the Promise Keepers. We just tried your web site, but none of the articles we wanted would come up.

OKLAHOMA: I have a friend who would possibly be interested in the Promise Keepers investigative report that you are currently doing. I would so much appreciate a subscription to the GPP that you send me. I will give the address at the end of this letter. I would also like to have sent to him the full set of GPP that contains any information on the PK movement.

WEST VIRGINIA: Me thinks it would border on dereliction and malfeasance should you fail to put the Promise Keepers timely exposť into a small booklet—verbatim and precisely as carried currently in The Grace Proclamator and Promulgator. Of a certainty same would be comparable to the well know Trail of Blood. So do and I will buy the first ten (10) copies. God willing.

CALIFORNIA: Grace and peace to you. And Soli Deo gloria for your bold stand in regard to the Pope's Church and the PK movement, etc.

I appreciate receiving The Grace Proclamator & Promulgator.

WEST GRIFFIN BAPTIST CHURCH, GRIFFIN, GA: I was just with the West Griffin Baptist Church in Griffin, GA, in a Bible Conference. I want to thank all of those who attended the conference who verbally expressed appreciation for this paper. I did not write down the comments but I want you to know they are appreciated by this editor and Pilgrims Hope Baptist Church. —Wayne Camp—

KENTUCKY: I am a young preacher up in Kentucky. A preacher friend of mine gave me an older copy of your newsletter and I really enjoyed it. Could you please place me on the mailing list?

NEW MEXICO: My prayer is that you and the saints there are fine and enjoying the Lord’s blessings.

I want to thank you again for the paper and the effort you put forth in your articles. Do not be discouraged by the criticism but keep on rightly dividing the Word of God both in the pulpit and the printed page. The Bible certainly teaches us that, as Christians, as Baptists, and, of course, as ministers, we should be properly balanced. Exposing heresies, their dangers, and those who propagate them is part of the balance.

God’s people must be warned against such evils in this terrible age of wickedness and deception. Thank you for the real truth concerning the Promise Keepers and keep up the good work.

Would you please send me about five extra copies of the paper each month to distribute?

Trust no man with your theology who doubts any portion of the word of God to be authentic. Trust no man with the gospel who casts a shadow of doubt over any portion of God's holy and pure word. Trust no man with the message of salvation who questions the message of creation. Trust no man with your emotions who casts questions about your origin. Trust no man with your family who questions the origin of your family. —Wayne Camp—

Please Note: If you find typos in these articles on this page, please e-mail me and let me know what they are. Thanks.

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