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NOTE TO THE READERS: Due to many things I have gotten behind on the letters I have received. Thank you all for writing. Some of these letters are from late November, December, and January so material in the paper appearing before that is mentioned. Editor

WEST VIRGINIA: I just read your "Tangled Web" treatise—EXCELLENT.

FLORIDA: Just a note to let you know we The Sovereign Grace Baptist Church . . . are always in prayer for you. Continue, by God’s grace, to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ in your paper.

I know you have been taking a lot of heat for your stand against the PKs.

Pesonally, I truly enjoy your messages. I am privileged to have met you. . . .

TEXAS: I have read some of your papers and enjoyed them. I appreciate the information about PKs. Please add my name to your mailing list.

KENTUCKY: I certainly enjoyed reading and studying your articles on church chain-link succession.

GEORGIA: I agree with you that a "Mother" church is unnecessary in the way some claim.

Thanks again for the truth. We appreciate it so much.

ARKANSAS: Thank you Bro. Camp. God bless you and your work. I think about you a lot.

WWW: I do enjoy your Web site and hope you keep up the articles. They are needed in times like these.

VIRGINIA: Keep up the good work & may the Lord richly bless you.

USA: In the November issue of The GP&P you mentioned there would be another write-up about PKs in the December issue. We waited "on pins and needles" during much of December. It arrived Dec. 27th and we devoured it quickly. Surely there must be something sinister about this movement. Some of us feel it, but do not know enough. The huge numbers of men deceived and taken in by it is shocking. There’s something out there event beyond its appearance and that’s bad enough . . . We appreciate all those who stick their neck out to reveal what is going on about this new movement. Perhaps it could be dangerous to health and even life. May our Lord make his faith to shine upon you and your work.

ARIZONA: I did watch the 20/20 segment with Bill McCartney . . . he sure came across as a jerk who was out in the stadiums basking in glory while his wife was at home groaning over suicide. We'll pray God's hedge be placed around you and the Pilgrims Hope Baptist Church.

Would you please add a man to your mailing list? He is one of the prisoners with whom we have been working. He is getting sound in the faith, strong on the Doctrine of Grace, and truly coming to church truth. I guess he and one other fellow at Huntsville are standing alone against PK's which according to him is coming in to the prisons through the Chaplain Ray and Chuck Colson ministries. He would, I am sure truly appreciate your back issues on PK, as well as your future issues. He has access to a copy machine, and copies a lot of stuff that we send him. He makes a couple of dollars a day, and the copy machines cost 5 cents a sheet, but as he said, he'd rather give out truth than eat cookies from the commissary.

And be sure, of the prayers of the Saints here for each and every soldier of Christ’s Cross at PHBC.

GEORGIA: I have been enjoying yours and Bro. Joe’s discussion on the proper way to set up a church. I whole heartedly agree with you. I must admit that I did not use to, but I do now. I had begun to see this truth for a while. I am certainly convinced that you are right . . . you gave sufficient proof from Scripture and then gave historical evidence as to how churches are set up. What more could anyone want or need.

I am looking forward to the next issue on the Promise Keepers. May the Lord bless you in your work, both in the church and The GP&P.

MICHIGAN: I have read your so called, debate with Bro. Joe Wilson, and I still don’t know what you really believe. You were very dishonest with the way your represented what Bro. Joe believes about "Church Organization."

Since I see how inconsistent you are on the Doctrine of Ecclesiology you do not need to send me your paper any more.

I do thank you for sending your paper at my request in the past.

{EDITOR’S NOTE: It is amazing to me that this reader says what he does. I gave Bro. Joe every opportunity to present his position and he could have shown it if I misrepresented his position. I set no limit on the amount of material he could write. When he was producing no Scripture for his position, there was no point in continuing. It is also amazing to me that this Brother says he still does not know what I really believe. Many have written and commended the articles for clearly setting forth the position I hold (and the Biblical and historical position of Baptists).

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