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MISSISSIPPI: I really enjoyed the article in the Oct. 1 issue concerning the autonomy of the local church. Thank you for your work and ministry on this issue.

TEXAS: I wanted to tell you that the October issue of the paper was really good. Your series of articles on the independency and autonomy of each local church of the Lord Jesus Christ is really good. I hope you will not let any one discourage you from continuing to write such articles, since they are very much needed. Keep up the good work you are doing.

ILLINOIS: May GOD bless you for your stand for the truth even if some of the brethren seem to want to roast you. It's better to stand for the truth than for tradition. Do you think that some of them are falling into Catholic ways, in that they believe that GOD only speaks to them and not to the congregation and that they make all the decisions and the church is just supposed to rubber stamp what ever they say with out any questions?

WWW: I would encourage you to go to a series before you speak out. Lots of people, especially religious people, we are the worst, tend to believe what others tell us.

Pray to God for wisdom and then go all three days. I'm a woman, so I wouldn't go myself. Wisdom should never hurt you.

[Editor's Note: I never cease to be amazed at the audacity and self-righteousness of Promise Keepers and their followers who write to me. This lady is suggesting that I should attend a PKs three-day meeting before I speak out against them. Yet, she has never been to a meeting, supports them, and rebukes me for not going and for speaking out against them. Moreover, she suggests that I am not a person with wisdom inferring that she is. She writes, "Wisdom should not hurt you." Amen! But, her statement infers I am unwise and have never asked God for wisdom.

I have read seven books written and published by PKs or with their cooperation. In addition, I have read at least a thousand pages of other material, both pro and con, on the movement. I have visited their own official WebSite and studied what they have there. I have visited other WebSites that belong to various PKs organizations. Every time I visit one, I come away more convinced than ever that this is an organization that fits the description given by Paul. 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. Their official tract on the way of salvation posted on their own official WebSite is enough to convince me that they are heretics. When you read articles and books in which they set forth their belief on salvation and the church, no sound Christian could support them. Those who do, do so ignorantly, or are simply afraid to oppose them.

WWW: I have spent most of last night and this am reading your info on Promise Keepers as I already agreed before, and pray continuously for my son to see the difference and realize just as you stated in " Is This Hatred" the scripture used will once again after prayer help me to try to reach him about this matter. Do you have a regular pub. that you put out like Sword of the Lord and others, Berean Call. If so please E-Mail me back that I might obtain subscriptions of same, or is it just this web page, which is really great work. God will be pleased.

PENNSYLVANIA: I am the pastor of Calvary Bible Church ( a little independent Bible Church in South Central Pa.) One of the people who attends our services very faithfully sent me an email to tell me of your site. Keep up the good work! I agree with you. Babylon has certainly manifested itself in our day with just enough truth mixed with a great amount of error that it can confuse and fool many folk. Your warnings and your insights are right on target.

You raise an issue which is much on my own heart. Before God called me to the pastorate I was a research Chemist. Because of that opportunities have come to me repeatedly to do debates with college professors and other leaders of the Evolutionary mind set. How utterly foolish their theory is and how much in conflict with the precious Word which God has given to us. To assume as Dobson does that the first 11 chapters are not factual is to among other things eliminate the reality of the Fall and thereby destroy the full understanding and appreciation of the atonement that Christ made for His elect. Along with that of course he has a bucket with no bottom in it concerning origins and realities which depend on that which is stated clearly in those first 11 chapters.

It is a sad day when we see so many people falling for the touchy-feely, weak-minded approach to truth. They become strangers to truth. Of course they will blame you for hatred. What other defense can they make? It has been the ploy of the Devil and his crowd for a very long time and whether some of the men you mentioned are truly children of God and misguided or truly children of Satan and therefore sons of perdition they are one way or the other endorsing Satan's plan and program.

Keep up the good work.

WWW: Long live the Holy Roman Catholic Church!

I have seen your page at http://www. concentric. net/-Rcamp/hatred. htm and I need to point out the following errors in your doctrine:

1. You've got a problem with the Catholic Church and even dare to call it the whore of Babylon. This is enough to ensure your eternal damnation. Jesus said: "On this rock I shall build my Church and the gates of Hell won't break it". Any sane person must admit this is the Catholic Church, certainly not the Pilgrims Hope Baptist Church (which can't be older than 1517 when Luther first published his heresies and would mean that there was no Church of Christ for more than 15 centuries).

2. You consider good works are not needed for salvation. This is another utter error. So, if I have faith, I shouldn't bother to do any good works. I could break the ten commandments, I could kill innocent people, I could do terrible things and I would still have my soul saved just because I believe Christ died on the cross for me. I wouldn't need to enforce God's Word; when the Bible says "do this" and "do that", why would I waste my time when I'm saved anyway? That would mean I could safely ignore God's wishes. It is therefore obvious that BOTH faith and good works are needed for salvation.

These show you're one of the false prophets you're talking about and that Jesus has nothing to do with you. It is high time that you admit your errors and do penance in order to gain salvation. I would suggest that you sell everything you've got and donate the proceeds to the Catholic Church and then become a monk for the rest of your life. However, I fear that you won't even consider to take these steps and that you'll persist in your errors. May God have mercy on your soul!

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