Bouquets and Brickbats

FLORIDA: I like your new Web Page. Keep up the good work.


MISSOURI: Thank you so much for the latest of your articles on Promise Keepers. I read it with great interest and have sent it on to a friend. I hope you are planning to put all these articles into book form.


NORTH CAROLINA: My brother-in-law just ‘surfed’ your site where we obtained the first article of your Promise Keepers series to give to his father-in-law. He would also like to subscribe to your news letter.

Have fun and thanks again for the site and the news letters.


LOUISIANA: I am a subscriber to your GP&P and have also attended a Promise Keepers convention. I read with interest your November article about Promise Keepers and look forward to the future ones. However, I never did receive the October GP&P and would really like to read your PK article in it. Could you please send me the October issue.


VIRGINIA: I am happy to see your homepage promoting the Doctrines of Grace, Old Landmarkism, and Premillennialism. The Lord willing, we hope to soon set up our own homepage promoting these same precious truths.

May the Lord bless you in your labors for Him!


MISSISSIPPI: Just took a look at your webpage, very nice.


ILLINOIS: I have just received my first paper in November, which I greatly appreciate.

Would it be possible that I can have the other monthly papers up to November.


MISSISSIPPI: Please drop my name from your mailing list. I don’t want to read your lies and deceit. My Bible does not read like yours does.


OHIO: Please take our church name off of your mailing list.


LOUISIANA: Please take my name off your mailout.


FLORIDA: Please remove us from your mailing list as of today! Your immediate attention to this letter is greatly appreciated.


ILLINOIS: Hey, I appreciate your treatment of the PKs. I’ve collected all I can find on the subject and I’m glad to have more. Keep up the good work.

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