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IOWA: Once again, let me say that the paper is great. Just Sunday Grandad said that it was about time for another copy to arrive. He looks forward to receiving it and appreciates it very much. Sunday was his 91st birthday.

WWW: Thanks for click on for the Pilgrims Hope Baptist Church WebSite. I found it on the Baptist listserv and just checked it out. I have bookmarked it to return when I have more time to study the articles in detail. You have a lot there and I thank you for all of the spiritual food. His blessings to you and your congregation.

WWW: Did you know that the promise keepers started out professing salvation by faith alone until a catholic came on board? He talked them into removing the word alone from their statement which totally changes everything. The Catholic Church makes me sick. Don't get me wrong I love the people, but they are misled by a powerful evil empire. They have been for sometime rubbing elbows with Baptists, and other non-Catholic religions luring them in, in the name of interdenominational committees. The problem with this is the Catholic Church professes that salvation can only be gained through the Catholic church, so why buddy up with all other religions unless you are trying to convert them? The promise keepers have been lured into yet another doctrine of devils!

WWW: Nowhere do you show where anybody is in direct violation of scripture. In fact, it could be said that you are the one in error. I'd be very careful about attributing the works of the Father to Satan! You are guilty of the same error as those who accused Christ as being of Satan when he was casting out demons. It seems to you claim that your group has exclusive membership in the body of Christ. Your Statement about Hugh Ross are totally off base as well; where does scripture say that the earth isn't 17 billion years old? (You didn't forget "and the earth was without form and void" passage, did you?) In fact, the recent discoveries by astronomers prove the existence of a loving caring creator. There is an unprecedented revival occurring in the scientific community because of the work of people like Hugh. The most important thing is that we believe the same way about the person of Jesus Christ, any apostate faith always errors about Christ.

[Editor's Note: I continue to be amazed at the number of people who think that anything goes if it does not violate some specific Scripture. There is also the whole analogy of faith that is to be considered. I know of no Scripture that says, "Thou shalt not baptize babies." I know of no Scripture which specifically declares, "Thou shalt not baptize an unbeliever." However, there are verses that teach that only believers were baptized and that John the Baptist refused to baptize some who had no evidence of repentance. Philip required that the eunuch believe before he was baptized. If one takes the position of this writer ("Nowhere do you show where anybody is in direct violation of scripture."), we could justify many things that do not directly violate some specific Scripture.]

WWW: All Christians are ignorant twits. You will have your day of reckoning and it will be a very rude awakening.

WWW: I am very much interested in your view of the PK movement And I am very much in shock to hear that PK originated from the radical Vineyard Fellowship.

Send me more information Do you have anything in writing or have mailing of your documentation?

In any case let me know. Thank you and may God be with you as you shed the light of His Truth. To God be The Glory!

COLORADO: John Powell here from Colorado Springs (yes, I know Focus is located here). Wanted to drop a note and ask if you have an email newsletter. I wasn't seeking out your site intentionally, but here I am, whether by accident or God's intervention we'll have to wait and see. I found your article quite interesting. We Christians (speaking generally and very loosely) seem to be more interested in ridding the world of sinners (homosexuals, liberals, etc) rather than cleaning our own camp. (Hmm... I Cor. 5:9-13?)

And the Bible? What's that? Mr. Dobson thinking the first 11 chapters of the Bible were poetry? Hello?! You hit on a number of points. So I guess we were never created in God's image, God never really created the earth (I guess that would explain his evolutionary beliefs), and Adam never fell. Wait a second! If Adam never 'really' fell, then what on earth is Jesus good for? Just another great man who touched a few people? And while we are at it, why stop at only 11 chapters? Maybe, just maybe, the supposed self-proclaimed 'Word Of God' as a whole was never really inspired by this um, what do you call it.. Oh yeah - the 'Holy Spirit' and in fact is just one big book of cool Mother Goose stories. I don't get it. Either you believe it all or you don't. And if you don't believe it all, then maybe you don't believe it at all. Well, I'd love to chat more but I'm not even sure you will get this. Feel free to drop a note if you have time.

LOUISIANA: I couldn't resist commenting on the WWW mail you received from your Catholic "admirer" published in the latest edition of your very good paper. Of course what I really wanted to know was if you had recovered from your laughing jag. I don't think I have laughed so much in a long time. I was also wondering if you had taken your vow of poverty yet.

In regards to the good review of Dr. De Hahn's book by Bro. Settlemoir. I did have the book and read it many years ago. And admit it sounded good to me. I also went to Michigan and tried to make his acquaintance, but he was not in town at the time we visited there (probably off to a Plymouth Brethren meeting). That was many years ago. I think perhaps he got carried away with his education and wanted to do something sensational. Interesting to know his off-spring have now rejected his conclusions.

MISSOURI: Thank you for the wonderful article by Brother Settlemoir on M. R. DeHaan's book "The Chemistry Of The Blood." This is a book that I have owned for many years. I too have a 1943 edition. I deeply appreciate his evaluation of the book and just wonder why I have never seen such a review of DeHaan's erroneous theories both concerning the Person of Christ and of medical matters. The Christian spirit in which he dealt with Dr. DeHaan is also commendable. May the Lord bless you. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sending me your paper.

VIRGINIA: I receive your publication. I do not always get to read every word but I do get the basic idea you try to relay every month.

I am writing because you have a comment section and most of the comments I have seen are people's perspectives of your stand on Promise Keepers. I would like to give you my humble but accurate opinion. I have been to two PK events. One in Washington D.C. at RFK stadium and the other was their Stand in the Gap rally at the MALL in Washington D.C. The speakers they have speak about loving your brother and living morally correct which are two things every one should do.

When I was at RFK stadium I did see a few things that were very disturbing, and that was no one gave a message from the Bible, there were no Bible available for sale or for free, but there was an abundance of PK reading and viewing material. The fellow hosting the event would get up on stage after every speaker and give a minute commercial on what Promise Keeper reading material was available.

Basically if you want to go hear some speakers talk about morals and get some PK reading material then great, but if you want to learn about the Bible you won't find it there. [Emp. mine, RWC).

NEW MEXICO: The last issue of GP&P was really a blessing. One of the first books I received as a young Christian was The Chemistry of the Blood by De Haan. Thanks for exposing the bunk.

WWW: After reading your article on Christmas I did some research on my own. I found your article to be sound. Thank you so much.

NEW MEXICO: Keep up the good work. Truth need never hide.

WWW: My family is in Oregon ... in the midst of all of this paganism. It was refreshing to read this about the PK. I felt for a long time there was something wrong, even when the feminist group of NOW stepped in for that "split second" debate them. I felt it was all propaganda and instead of working to expose the PK it was working with them to increase their sales and intake. I feel especially close to this issue as my Uncle and Cousins were football coaches and players with these men like Bill McCartney. All financially well off but no compassion for anyone . . .

[Editor's Note: This reader had a good deal more to say that would have been of value to our readers but, in order to print the rest and it make sense, I would have had to print some names of people and one institution and therefore used only this part. This is just another instance of someone close to the scene that can reveal the real truth about what goes on with PKs.

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